Johnny Cator
Founder and CEO

WebCTel is headquartered in the Greenworks Building, site of a former rubber manufacturing facility. The once contaminated building has been reclaimed, and now provides office space to businesses and non-profit organizations that place an emphasis on environmental protection and implementing social change.

WebCTel is developing New England's only solar powered website, email & database / application hosting service. We will offer fast, reliable service and quality web hosting at competitive prices. Unlike other providers, we're also concerned about our environment. As the only hosting service in the region to operate on a renewable energy source, we've made a strong commitment to reducing pollution, preserving our natural resources, and educating communities about solar power.

We offer:
  • Full line of Managed Services.
  • 24x7 Technical support for your server related issues.
  • Multiple connections to Tier 1 backbones
  • Dual on site UPS
By using WebCTel's Solar Hosting Option, we can work closely with you to get your Internet application or website up and running quickly with the added benefit of helping the environment.

Click here to visit our Green ISP website

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and WebCTel... For more information click here.

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